Museums & Deaccessioning in Europe

This website gives an overview of the (legal) possibilities of deaccessioning and disposal of museum object within the European Union. It is one of the outcomes of the research Deaccessioning and Disposal in Europe 2008-2017executed by Dieuwertje Wijsmuller in 2016-2017.
Please let all information serve as inspiration for your country or institute if you want to develop or change your (existing) policies, or as basis for further research.
Report Possibilities and attitudes in deaccessioning and disposal in Europe 2008-2017.

How to use this website

You can check per country or per parameter what the different possibilities are. The news feed will try to be as actual as possible. Don’t forget to scroll down!
This website is one of the outcomes of the research museologist did in 2016-2017 on the possibilities and opinions on deaccessioning in Europe. Read more about the research.
Please be aware that although all efforts have been made to let the information be as accurate as possible, errors may have occurred. If you see false information, please contact me at dieuwertje@ccc.co.nl, so it may be adjusted.