Hertfordshire County Council wants to sell off its public art collection

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Petition to stop Hertfordshire County Council selling off its public art collection gathers over a thousand signatures The council wants to 'dispose of' 91 per cent of its art collection. A petition to try and stop Hertfordshire County Council selling off its publicly-owned art collec [...]

Perspectives on disposal: Museum of London Review and Rationalisation Project

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"The Museum of London’s aim when starting a large scale rationalisation project was to create a collection for the future. We sought to embark upon a disposal project which fulfilled all the ethical standards of the sector, and which approached the often perplexing matter of museum di [...]

Northampton borough council sells Egyptian statue for almost £16m

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July 2014: Sale of 4,000-year-old Sekhemka limestone figure will help pay for extension of Northampton museum and art gallery An Egyptian statue controversially put up for auction by Northampton borough council has been sold for almost £16m. The 4,000-year-old Sekhemka limestone figur [...]