Museums have to bid for parliamentary furniture

September 2017: The online auction with decommissioned parliamentary furniture ends on Tuesday. Interested museums must join in, as the parliamentary administration wanted to avoid “unequal treatment”

[…] Unlike the Vienna Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts or the House of History, the BMobV is considered a department. Therefore, the current federal law was foreshadowed, according to which “movable federal assets” before sale or deaccessioning “by way of material transfer” even must be offered.

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Dieuwertje Wijsmuller (Baarn, 1981) is a Dutch museologist, specialized in deaccessioning and disposal practices. With her company CreativeCultureConsultancy she supports museums, city councils and private (corporate) collections in collection management issues. She believes that processes such as deaccessioning and disposal should be executed on a transparent and responsible way and supports institutions in implementing such processes.