Classification means the process of granting an object a special protected status, prohibiting any deaccessioning or disposal without explicit consent of a higher body.

Countries with a Classification system


Classification systems and deaccessioning

There are 10 countries in Europe that work with the concept of classifying museum objects. The inalienation of museum objects collides with the classification of all museum objects (that is used in France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Romania)

Although all laws use slightly different descriptions to describe a classified object, a general definition is that a classified object holds a high national value (whether it be artistic, historical, cultural, social, scientific or technical) and is, thus, irreplaceable.

The declaration of a classified object is executed by different institutions in every country.

Countries with an Classification system

CountryClassification system

Belgium has no national classification scheme

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic works with a classification system of museum objects.


France has a classification system for museum objects. All objects that enter a museum inventory are directly classified.


Greece has a classification system for museum objects


Hungary has a classification scheme for museum objects.


Italy has a national classification system for museum objects, called the declaration of cultural interest.

Legislative Decree 22 January 2004, n. 42 Code of cultural heritage and landscape, in accordance with article 10 of the law of 6 July 2002 §11-15


Portugal has a classification system for museum objects, found in the

Fundamental Law on Portuguese cultural heritage SectionII


Romania has a classification system for museum objects.



Slovenia has a classification system for museum objects. It can proclaim cultural monuments by the Law on the protection on cultural heritage

§19 Proclamation of a moving monument


Spain works with a system of declared goods of cultural interest. All museum objects are automatically declared of cultural interest.