Syracuse Papyrus Museum sells its fragments: “We have no money, we risk closure”

(photo credits: Giovanni Dall’Orto 2014)

A museum that literally sells its works to finance itself. In this case, its fragments, for it is the Museo del Papiro di Siracusa private institution, created in 1987 and managed by the International Institute of Papyrus, founded by Anna Di Natale and Corrado Basile.

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Dieuwertje Wijsmuller (Baarn, 1981) is a Dutch museologist, specialized in deaccessioning and disposal practices. With her company CreativeCultureConsultancy she supports museums, city councils and private (corporate) collections in collection management issues. She believes that processes such as deaccessioning and disposal should be executed on a transparent and responsible way and supports institutions in implementing such processes.